How to make homemade lavender oil and it’s uses 

It’s very easy to make homemade lavender oil, harvest the fresh lavender from the garden and see how it will turn into an amazing product for daily uses. You will love to use your own lavender oil, it has various benefits and uses. If you are growing fresh and huge amounts of lavender in your garden, then why not turn it into the best smelled and healing oil. It’s not just a common oil, it’s an oil with healing and healthy properties. So, let’s start with this article and gather all information from its making process to its uses.

What is Lavender Oil? 

You must have heard about coconut oil, essential oil, mustard oil and many more. Lavender oil is also an important one, you don’t know that it’s also considered as an essential oil which is popular for skin care. Actually, Lavender Oil is made up of dry lavender flowers using any carrier oil. When you leave the flowers or buds in any carrier oil, it will start releasing essential oil and mix with the carrier oil, this is how it will turn into an amazing one. 

You should understand which carrier oil will be good to make a better and pure lavender oil. Although you can buy it from the market, most of its natural properties are distorted while preparing it in the factory. They use a great number of flowers to make a tiny bottle of oil. Whereas making it at home is far different from the market, you will get ample amounts with just a few pieces of flowers. 

Uses of Lavender Oil 

You can call it uses or benefits, let me explain to you it’s each and every use. You will be surprised once you will understand what you were missing even though lavender is present in your garden. 

For anxiety- In one study, researchers found that lavender oil can be one of the best medications for the treatment of anxiety. When the person inhales it orally for a minimum of three weeks, it will definitely decrease anxiety 40-45%. 

Helpful for Skin Issues- Any kind of skin issues such as acne, dryness, bug biting or allergy. Lavender oil acts as a facial moisturizer to prevent such issues. And the most important thing is using it on a regular basis will change your complications as well. 

Reduce Hair Loss- Using a few drops or shampoo made up with lavender flowers will reduce your hair problems. If you have itchy scalps, dandruff, frizzy hair, use it and see the result within the week. 

Best Makeup Removal- Don’t buy those expensive and chemical makeup removal. Instead of that, use lavender oil to remove your makeup. It not only removes makeup, in fact it will make your skin smooth as well. 

Cleaning agent- It’s hard to remove those stains when it comes to cleaning the shelf or surface. Don’t worry, you have lavender oil,the best cleaning product. You can also use it to clean your stainless vessels. 

Recover wound- Always bring your lavender oil when you are out or on a journey. If there is any wound or cut, it will cover the wound faster than any other solutions. Use it for five days regularly and you will never know where you got the cut mark.

Ease Your Headache- From a survey, it is found that smelling lavender oil for 15 minutes and your headache will go away. This is the easiest way to feel fine and focus on your work. 

For Natural Glow- Are you tired of using a number of products for a glowing skin, try two drops of lavender oil every night. It will give you a natural glow and beautiful face. 

Benefits of Making Homemade Lavender Oil 

I already mentioned about the market lavender oils, but making it at home creates a huge difference. 

Eco Friendly- If you make your own lavender oil, you will save a lot of bottles which you need to buy with a new batch of oil. But at home, you can reuse the same bottle. 

Customizable- You have options of carrier oil, no need to wonder in search of your suitable mixed oil. Whatever suits you better, add that which you can’t find in the market. 

High Quality- In the shop, the quality of oil differs from company to company. I know when it comes to your control, you will prefer to make it high quality oil.  

Cheaper- Comparing from the market, you will find it cheaper. Free lavender flowers from your garden, reusable bottles and carrier oils, etc. That’s all you will need to make your homemade oil which hardly charges you a few bucks. 

Carrier Oil Options to Mix With Lavender

You will have various options to make lavender oil. Always prefer the unrefined, best quality and chemical free oils. Better to go for the organic one or use homemade oil. I have listed the carrier oils, you can also use 2-3 oils after all you are making a medicinal oil. 

Coconut Oil- In the earlier year, people used coconut oil for its antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties. It contains caprylic acid which is useful in getting smooth skin. Use fractionated coconut oil which is usually in liquid form not like the normal one in solid. 

Sunflower Seed Oil- It is higher in vitamin E and this vitamin is best for your skin and hairs. It contains high, moderate and low oleic acid, to make lavender oil, use lower acidic oil. It’s lightweight and doesn’t make your skin oily, best for the acne prone skins. 

Almond Oil-  Those who are facing sensitivity or have sensitive skin, they should use almond oil to make this homemade lavender oil. It will remove dark spots, reduce acne, and also be helpful in removing dark circles. And on regular use, it will lighten your skin tone. 

Jojoba Oil- Dermatologist suggests that always use a non-comedogenic product. Jojoba oil is the best source, it’s non-greasy, and suits every skin type. It reduces excess sebum and prevents breakouts. Jojoba removes impurities and unclog your pores so that you won’t face any skin issues. 

Argan Oil- This oil is specially known for the hair products, and also workable for the skins. It is helpful in case of sunburn, reducing fine lines or wrinkles. Along with this, it removes or treats stretch marks too. It comes in both form, edible and as a cosmetic ingredient. 

Beside these oils, you can use safflower oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, olive oil, etc. Whatever will be available near you, use the same. 

Tips to Make a Perfect Lavender Oil 

Making any oil at home means you need to follow some of the best tips.

  • To add more flavor, you can mix other plants such as hazel, peppermint, or lemon peels, etc. 
  • Use wax paper between the lid of the jar and the oil. If you store it directly, the smell of lid material can fade away the original oil smell. 
  • If you are adding scented oils, keep the amount in control, more oil can spoil your whole hard work. 
  • For a less expensive carrier oil, use fractionated coconut oil. And it also infuses the oil easily. 
  • For the perfect lavender essential oil, use lavender’s stem in high ratio rather than the other parts. 

Ingredients & Supplies Required 

Gather these ingredients and supplies before proceeding otherwise it will take more time to prepare your lavender oil. 

Lavender- It’s on you, and yes cut it when it’s in full bloom. Cut and let it dry until it is available to crush. 

Carrier oil- I have already mentioned the topmost carrier oils, pick any which is easier to you. 

A large glass jar- For the infusion, you will require a large jar. Carrier oil and lavender can get sufficient space for infusion. 

Cheesecloth- Having a cheesecloth is okay when you will strain the flowers from the oil. 

Bottle or Containers- Size of these bottles based on the amount of oil. Use these bottles to store homemade lavender oil. 

Lavender Oil Making Process 

The most important and the last section is about the making process. Let’s begin to make your favorite and medicinal lavender essential oil. 

Crushing the Lavender-  First Step is to lightly crush the dry lavender leaves, buds, stem, flowers, etc using a heavy object or just crush with your hands. 

Wash the Jar- Wash, clean and dry the jar which you will use for the infusion process. Make sure there wouldn’t be a single drop of water inside the jar. 

Pour the Oil- Once the jar and lavender are ready, place them inside the jar and pour the carrier oil as per your choice.  Be sure that the lavender completely soaks into the oil, it’s good to fill it up to the lid leaving a finger space. 

Place in a Hot Room- Now, tighten the jar lid and leave it in a room where sun exposure is higher, but don’t place it directly into the sun rays. 

Leave and Wait- For a better result, place it near the window and wait for 3-4 weeks. 

Strain the Oil- After completing the weeks, the next step is to strain the lavender flowers, buds and stems. Use a cheesecloth or a funnel, strain the oil and use bottles which you will use to store the oil. 

Repeat the process- If you don’t feel nice with the fregnance, you can repeat the process and keep your eyes on the correct ratio. 

How to Store Lavender Oil For Longer Use? 

However, lavender oil has antibacterial properties and can stay for a long time. But the main fact is how you will store it, no water drop and no air bubbles can prevent it from spoilage. Follow some of the special tricks and store them safely. 

  • Don’t store it in the refrigerator, inside the refrigerator it may mix with the smell of other items. 
  • Store in a dry and dark location, like in a drawer. Use it when necessary and keep it back in the drawer. 
  • Use tight lid and dark color bottles, it will prevent sun rays otherwise the aroma of oil will be distorted. 
  • Add vitamin E to store your oil, simply stir a few drops or a single capsule. 


It’s time to say bye to all, I hope you find it useful. If you have any suggestion regarding the making process of homemade lavender oil, you can share it through the comment box. To know more subscribe to our newsletter. 

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