Fast Growing Vegetables Crops for the Fall Garden 

There are various types of fast-growing vegetable crops for the fall garden. You need to follow the tips that will be beneficial for such plants. Don’t be upset if it’s fall or spring. You have other options for plants that will grow during cooler weather. You should be aware of the best timing for the plantation or seeding, usually mid-to late summer that is the best. Some vegetables require a long time to grow, so it’s good to start gardening before it’s too late. 

Even if your climate brings frosty winter, don’t hesitate to plant. There is a great collection of seasonal vegetables which can grow faster with less care. Let’s start to check the fast growing vegetable crops for the fall garden. 

fast growing vegetables crops for the fall garden

Best Tips to Growth Plants Faster 

Before doing plantation, follow a few important tips. If you sow any crop without gathering proper knowledge, it means you are growing mangoes in the chilled winter season. 

1. Choose The Right Crop

   Ask the nearest necessary crops which are  good to flourish during autumn and will grow faster with less care. Most of the leafy vegetables will mature within 60 days. Pick such plants as per your climates. 

2. Starting Seeds Indoors

   Usually to get crops for fall garden, you should sow them during hot weather. And we know in the hot temperature, many plants either grow late or die due to sun burns. Stat seedling inside the shaded areas. 

3. Provide Proper Moisture 

   Seeds need more water or moisture to germinate, and it’s difficult to maintain moisture level during summer. After planting seeds, keep watering to maintain water level and once it hardens, plant in your garden. 

Fast Growing Vegetable Crops For the Fall Garden 

Now we are going to deal with those fast growing vegetable crops which are suitable for the fall garden. 

1. Baby Carrots 

Baby carrots are healthier and provide many nutrients. A baby carrot will take 40-50 days to harvest whereas a mature carrot will take 65-90 days. Baby carrots are the fastest growing crop, if you regularly water and provide fertilizers, you can harvest them in under two months. Although it can manage in low temperatures, it can’t stay below 15°F.

Don’t go with the red colors, you can use green carrots as well, it can be used in making besto pesto and good to freeze your tasty carrots for a long time. And the second way to use these green carrots is to make juices for weight loss. 

2. Beets 

The next fastest growing vegetable is beets, you all have tasted it in your favorite salad. There are a huge number of benefits of eating beetroots. If you love to use green beetroots, just wait for 25-30 days or if you like to eat red mature beets, you need to wait for a few days more, which means 55-65 days. The baby beetroots are quite tasty rather than the mature one.

You can make smoothies or eat them with other raw vegetables. It’s full of vitamins and minerals which are good for a healthy diet. We have found that beetroots can grow indoors faster than in hot climates, so prefer to harvest it fast before it will dry or become hard. 

3. Spinach 

Spinach is a winter vegetable, you can see them in the market during cool weather. Most types of spinach are fast growing, you just need to wait a minimum of one month, then you can harvest the baby plants. When you see the leaves will grow upto 2 to 4 inches, plug them out.

Or if you are waiting to eat mature or large leaves, it will take 35-45 days to reach that goal. Spinach mostly grows in 60-70° F temperature and becomes sweeter after a light frost. There are different kinds of spinach, but Flamingo is quite popular compared to other varieties. 

4. Green Onions 

 How tasty to eat dishes made with green onions, you will love them during winter seasons. It also grows faster but takes a few more days as compared to other fall garden crops, about 50-65 days for mature green onions. Green onions simply means the above-ground portion of baby onion, harvest it before it will form a bulb.

When you see green onions become 6 inches tall, harvest a few green onions or just wait to pull out the whole green onion with its root. It has the property to regrow when cut at 1-2 inches and placed along with bulbous roots in a glass of fresh water. And it’s logically found that if you give a haircut, they will fasten their growth rate. 

5. Radishes 

One more crop we have found for your fall garden, it will grow faster if you sow the classic red round variety, you will be able to cut it out within 28 days. You need to do early thinning to fasten its growth and it would be healthier. You have different varieties too which can grow under 30 days, such as pink beauty, crimson glant and Easter eggs.

With such a small duration of growth, you will have enough time to grow for two rounds before freezing cold. And on the other hand, larger size radishes will take more time or can say a couple of months to grow at their mature level. You can mix both varieties and make salads, can use in soup or also enhance the taste of your sandwiches. 

6. Beans 

You should try this amazing crop for your garden. It’s not only healthy for human beings but also beneficial for the soils. It will improve your soil fertility, reduce erosion, and also be useful as mulch. Its entire part is edible, you can eat its leaves, buds, flowers, bean shells and inner beans.

Beans are delicious, and have nutrients as well. You can grow this crop in your garden at low risk but high productivity. Even if it won’t grow mature, you have other parts to eat except the inner beans and the shells. Although it can stand upto 10°F, below this temperature affect its growth or it can be distorted. 

7. Turnips

Like other plants, it too has different harvesting times. If you want to use green turnips, you can harvest it within 25-30 days, and if you require a mature one, then wait for 30-75 days. You will love to eat green turnips with other vegetables in a soup or can use it for other food items.

These crops grow quickly and in the market we can see a variety of turnips available, these are small, white and good for a delicious salad. One its leaves become large like a handful, harvest some fresh leaves. And when it’s time to pull out the full size turnip, take it out along with roots. Turnips are similar to radishes, so you can follow some tips for this as well. 

8. Arugula 

Arugula mainly grow during the spring season and have tolerance to tolerate winter weather to some extent. Its baby leaves can be harvested after 21-35 days and for mature leaves, 38-50 days will be required. Like other leafy vegetables, you can use Arugula in salad, soup, pasta, quinche, etc. Harvest it when its leaves will grow upto 2 inches and allow them to continuously produce more leaves.

There are various varieties such as salad rocket, wild rocky, dragon tongue, etc. Pick that variety which grows faster and is suitable for fall weather. Although you can’t eat it as its flavor is tart, bitter and peppery, rather add it to your favorite pizza. 

9. Mustard Greens 

I must say this is the plant which will be ready within 21 days, use its green baby leaves or if you want the mature one, then harvest after 40-45 days. It comes in an array of colors, size, and spice. People prefer the red giant with huge leaves and green stems.

Second popular variety is green waves, it’s fairly sharp and has a bitter or peppery flavor. You can use baby green or mature green, both taste delicious. Start harvesting with its outer leaves and let the remaining parts regrow. You can use it to make salad or can make its paste to add with your other dishes.  

10. Kale

Male is a kind of plant which will grow faster and repeatedly if you cut some of its leaves. Once you notice a growth of five to six leaves, cut them out after every week. Let the remaining leaves stay, more photosynthesis will lead to more growth. Leaves will start growing from the middle of the plant.

The baby greens will take 30 days and on the other side, mature leaves will take 50-65 days. Never chop the plant from the middle or take out the whole head until the season changes. Plus point about Kale is, it can survive light frost and snow, and its flavor also becomes sweet.  Although take care of Kale when there’s heavy snowfall outside so that you can enjoy this tasty crop for a longer time. 


I guess you have a list of your favorite, delicious and nutritious plants. We have mentioned all fast growing vegetable crops for fall garden. Don’t wait for the winter, when it’s autumn, plant these crops to have a variety of vegetables on your table when it’s cold.

You can use them in various ways, it can be salad, soup, sandwiches, burger or any other dishes. If you need more posts based on similar topics, subscribe to our newsletter and keep yourself updated. 

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