10 Best Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds

If you love to see wild and beautiful birds in your garden, attract them with their favorite flowers. Here, you will see a list of the best flowers to attract hummingbirds to your yard. 

There is a list of flowers that can attract hummingbirds, but you need to select the best one. When you go to choose flowers for hummingbirds, make sure they are bright in color and smell nice. It would be the best time to watch these birds in your garden.

10 best flowers to attract hummingbirds

They also like to eat sweets, you can nectar flowers which is their favorite. They use its sugar to keep themselves active. They also need proteins and to fulfill it they eat insects. In this article you will learn about 10 best flowers to attract hummingbirds and many more. 

Attract Hummingbirds With Various Ways 

You can use various methods to attract hummingbirds. Other than flowers, we have listed some of special tips to drag their attention. 

  • Plants different kinds of flowers that bloom at different times. So that hummingbirds keep visiting your yard. 
  • Use hummingbirds feeders, even if there are not many flowers, they can wander to eat their favorite food. 
  • Make a place for their shelter where they can do nesting. They build their nest usually on dense shrubs, trees or vines. Arrange these things, don’t go for a box or tree house. 
  • Plant colorful and nectar rich flowers in your garden. 
  • Build a dainty trickle foundation, hummingbirds love to shower under light showers of water. They will use your homemade fountain for drinking and bathing, don’t forget to build one. 

Best Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds 

We are going to describe the best flower names which are able to attract hummingbirds. And don’t use low brighter or nectar flowers, they don’t like roses, marigolds, lilies, etc. 

  1. Agastache 

Agastache is also known as hummingbird mint because of its fragrance and long blooming perennials. These tiny tubular flowers grow in a variety of colors and shapes. The growing time of this flower is in full sun and well drained, fertile soil. But, don’t get me wrong, it also needs a sufficient amount of water and fertilizers.

And the plus point about the plant is, deer and rabbits don’t like to eat it and it’s safe for your lovely bird. Common height of Agastache lies between 1 feet to 5 feet. It comes in the minty licorice flavor of anise hyssop to the mild mint flavor of Korean mint. 

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  1. Bee Balm 

Bee balm is the one which is most preferred by hummingbirds. It’s spiky red and clusters attract hummingbirds fast. Hummingbirds like the minty aroma of the leaves. It requires less maintenance and grows easily. You will see soon how birds hover around this lovely plant. To grow bee balm, you need to choose a place where it can get both full sun and partial shades.

Be aware of its height, as it ranges from 1 feet to 4 feet. The soil required to grow this should be well drained but if this soil isn’t available, it has the ability to grow in the moist soil. It’s invasive in nature, so it is better to cut and divide during spring. 

  1. Bottle Brush 

The next flower in the list is bottle brush, it’s showy, bright red bushy flower looks like a bottle cleaning brush. Like cactus, it can grow in the hot summer and can live for a longer time without water. Mostly, it blooms in the spring and spreads its radiant colors. It’s popular for its graceful, dropping branches ending in bright red or yellow flowers. Bottle brush plant’s height is about 5 feet to 12 feet and can go for 30 feets.

Bottle brushes can be found in purple, pink, red, yellow, white or green. It’s able to attract bees and hummingbirds, it also produces small, woody fruits containing hundreds of seeds. Along with beautiful flowers, its leaves are also noticeable, dark green covered with soft, fine hairs to protect the plant during dry weather. 

  1. Butterfly Bush

From the research, it is found that hummingbirds are attracted towards a flower with its high nectar count. This flower is a long, brightly coloured spike resembling lilacs with gorgeous bloom and contains high nectar. If you are planning to attract hummingbirds, plant this in a variety of colors. It requires full sun in colder locations and grows well in partial shade during warm weather.

Any soil is perfect for their growth. It needs little care, water if it’s summer otherwise watering in the gap is enough in other seasons. Trim or cut it during autumn and let it grow faster. This plant grows quickly and can be 6 feet taller, and wide as well. And flowers cover almost 90% of it that can be seen from afar. In colder climates, it will grow 3-5 feet whereas in the warmer climate, it can be 10-12 feet tall. 

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  1. Cardinal Flowers

This flower contains the highest amount of nectar during the months of August to mid October. It’s thrillingly red coloured flowers and blooms in the best time when hummingbirds migrate from North Carolina to Southward. The best climate to grow cardinal flowers are rainy, you can arrange wet soils or It’s okay to plant them into average to dryish soil, as these flowers are adaptable.

Cardinal flowers can strongly attract butterflies, bees and pollinating insects as well. These flowers are short lived, but they have self-sow property. You can see it for years without re-plantation or seeds are enough for new plants. Its spikes can grow 1 feet to 3 feet and even more depending on the climate conditions. 

  1. Columbine

It’s also known as Columbine Lily for its bright orange flowers spotted with maroon. Curved petals with nodding blooms character attract hummingbirds quickly. It can grow upto 3 feet to 6 feet and lasts for months. The nectar amount available inside the flower is a great way to drag birds.

Its flowers bloom only in May and grow well in shade. It blooms when hummingbirds are making their way back north. Insects can’t taste its nectar and that’s the positive point, hummingbirds will have this flower all for themselves. Choose that species which is native to your areas for high blooming. 

  1. Phlox 

This will be suitable to all hummingbirds gardens, as you can see dozens of varieties available in different sizes, colors and growing conditions. The tall Phlox attracts hummingbirds quickly and the low growing cover the floor to make it more beautiful. The life cycle of Phlox is both perennials or annual, height can be a few inches to 6 feet tall. It blooms during April to August or depending on the weather.

It needs full sun to partial shade to grow. Don’t forget to remove dead flowers and leaves so that it will keep blooming. It’s a star shaped flower available in blue, violet, pink, red and white colors. Try a combination of all colors to decorate your garden scrumptiously. 

  1. Rhododendron 

Rhododendron originated from Asia and till now, over thousands of varieties have been identified. Its vibrant pink flowers display stunning, it has power to catch your attention, then how a hummingbird can restrict themselves. This flower is commonly used to decorate gates and mostly found at the center of each garden. It has long beautiful leaves that can stay for years.

Its flowers bloom between April to June and can grow upto 10 feet tall & 10 wide. It doesn’t require full sunlight, part shade is good to gather moisture so that it can handle hot waves. Although it’s perennial, it only blooms during summers. Plant its purple, red and hybrid varieties to keep hummingbirds during the hot weather. 

  1. Salvia

Salvia comes in all different colors and sizes, some varieties are annual and some can be perennials. Its spikes are tubular and such shapes attract hummingbirds easily, it can attract insects, bees and moths too. You can pick any variety, it’s available in more than hundred species and many more cultivators that can grow well in your garden. A wide range of sizes available, from 6 inches to 3 feet.

You can enjoy this during April to September. For better growth, full sun will be required, it’s unable to bloom in the winter season. It will regrow and bloom for a long period. This could bloom forever if you keep separating the old leaves and flowers, you will be able to see it in four seasons. 

  1. Zinnia 

If you see it closely, you may be confused. It looks like a sunflower wearing a different color, producing bright, round blooms with many petals. It’s a favorite flower for pollinator insects because of its large landing area. Hummingbirds love to take nectar and rest from flying. Don’t plant it in wet soil, it needs well-drained soil and should be under full sun. It blooms from May to October and stays alive annually.

Its approximate size is 1 feet to 3 feet, and a large number of flowers can grow at once. They will grow for one season but can give you an ample number of seeds for the upcoming years. You can plant it in a pot, it’s red, orange, yellow and pink colors are in demand. 


I guess you have got an ample number of ideas about the best flowers to attract hummingbirds. Go as necessary, bring those unique flowers and plant in your garden. You can also use native flowers or those which are easily available in your location. If you like to gain such knowledge about nature, do subscribe to our newsletter. We will keep updating regarding similar topics. Or you want to know more, leave your query in the given comment box. 

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